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True connection comes from the human touch.

We believe architecture must always have people at its starting point, driving its purpose and upholding its qualities of endurance. This focus on people and their wellbeing is at the heart of every project we undertake with our clients.

Custance is a multi-award winning practice in New Zealand and Australia. Started in New Zealand over 25 years ago, our clients entrust us with projects large and small spanning architecture, interior design, strategic facilities, master planning and urban design. While different, all projects share a common requirement: to create an environment where people flourish. Space to thrive.

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  • Our Approach

    We start by asking questions. We are experts in our fields, but not necessarily in yours.

    We begin broadly with very human questions around vision, transformation and purpose, then systematically dig deeper.What are your business imperatives, organisational requirements and project fundamentals? What are the quirks? What are the non-negotiables? We combine robust processes with creative alchemy.

    Working closely with you, we build a comprehensive picture, then apply our expertise and imagination. True collaboration is fundamental to the way we operate with you.

    Space to thrive

    We apply our focus on people and their wellbeing to a range of design disciplines.

  • Strategy

    We are not ‘flat thinkers’. We apply a strategic overlay to all projects at the outset.

    It goes beyond the mechanical elements of design, bringing multiple dimensions into play.

    In concert with our clients we design with four dimensions in mind: how space and time shape personal, social, economic and environmental relationships.

    This strategic approach ensures we create durable spaces to nurture what it means to be fully alive, conscious of our world, and contributing.

  • Urban Design

    The requirements and demands of our towns and cities are increasingly complex.

    All aspects are inextricably linked. To create vibrant, thriving communities we believe urban design must work harder and go deeper.

    Working closely with our clients, we apply our experience on major international projects to assess and harmonise the multiple layers that make up our urban centres: landscape, ecology, infrastructure, architecture, economics, public space and urban form.

    We employ a number of disciplines to discover spacial solutions that feed the development process. Every aspect of the urban design strategy is assessed on how well it performs and contributes to social behaviours, the environment, economy and spatial aspects.

    It is a detailed and strategic process that is flexible and robust to achieve long term, sustainable and energy renewable environments where communities thrive.

  • Architecture

    We believe architecture is not only about “building”; it also encompasses site, district, town, city, state, country and beyond.

    We work at macro and micro scales. What effects will the environment have on the site, and the site on the environment? We question, investigate and test to create space and skin in tune with it’s place; flexible and adaptable to a mix of uses and future needs. We combine creative design with a wide range of technical knowledge to provide integrated solutions for built and natural environments. This approach is true of all our architecture projects from small creations to groups of buildings, large, complex structures and the places in and around them.

    Above all, we’re committed to work with our clients to create architecture of true excellence – honest, innovative and inspiring places to thrive in.

  • Interior Design

    This is the most intimate expression of our design disciplines, where people interact with the touch, texture, colour and flow of their environment.

    We begin by understanding the requirements of those who will interact with the space, determining what will best support the way they live and work. We work closely with clients to create an environment reflecting an organisation’s culture and reason for being – functional, meaningful and inspiring.

    We build the bones of function and flow, then add richness and durability through material selection, adding the textural quality layer by layer. Everything aligns. All aspects have a purpose. Components are flexible and multi functional. As product designers we understand the material properties and processes required to achieve pragmatic, efficient and economic outcomes.

    We aim to create inspiring places to live, work and grow reflecting the character of an organisation and its people.


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