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60 Willis St Apartments

60 Willis St Apartments

An inner-city sanctuary

Re-development of this central city office building involved a conversion to 46 apartments and 800m2 office space.

Originally built in the mid 1980’s, the poor quality facade was re-imaged to reflect a new role. The client, an experienced commercial property developer and investor, was delighted with the transformation of the building and the innovative, efficient, yet generous apartment design which resulted in rapid sales (40 sold in 3 weeks) and end user satisfaction.

With equal measures of style and restraint these two buildings have been transposed from 1960’s leftovers to a measurable contribution to the maturing urbanity of Willis Street. With a tight budget the architect has crafted interior spaces of utilitarian simplicity.

NZIA Award Judges

2001 NZIA Local Architecture Award Winner

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Residential Apartments
46 apartments and 800m2 office space