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Accenture Auckland

Accenture Auckland

A leadership hub

Accenture is a top international consulting firm who sought to occupy a professional building in the Auckland CBD.

Given the nature of their consulting leadership roles, the design had to showcase future workplace and organisational behaviour, while incorporating leading edge ‘interactive’ technology. Varying levels of security throughout the office was required, as well as flexible meeting and project spaces. 

A casual, yet sophisticated entry cafe greets guests who can alert staff of their arrival through a video doorbell. Secure, glass doors lead into the main office area where flexible Meeting & Project rooms, Library and Cafe line the external glazing. A central open work space features a ‘collaboration spine’, linking utility spaces, and leading to the acoustic, ‘hooded’ Quiet & Build Room pods. Various working styles are accommodated, while working walls are in close proximity. Custom storage banks and lockers provide a buffer from the main circulation.

Key Outtakes
Office & Client Facility
Full design, project & construction management
630 m2, 50 Staff