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Accenture Wellington

Accenture Wellington

Creating a start-up culture

As a multinational consulting firm, Accenture offers management consulting, technology and outsourcing services. The majority of staff work at client sites and require a home base for meetings, workshops and hosting clients. The new office links two buildings to form an L-shape, each space with distincitive characteristics. The new design sought to respond and align with Accenture's start-up culture and brand identity, while highlighting and unifying the space within each building.

The office entry and front of house facility retains historic building features while providing a variety of flexible spaces for meetings and collaboration/workshop sessions with a high level AV/IT capability. A work area with 12 hot desks, build room, kitchen and break out space sits within the new building portion. A balance of colour and texture was used to give cohesion between the spaces, while operable walls and flexible furniture allow for variety and agility.

Key Outtakes
Management & IT Consulting
350 m2
Full design & construction