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Corporate Express Australia

Corporate Express Australia

Combining Logistics and Flair

Custance looked to the form and function of a spacious warehouse environment for inspiration.

Corporate Express Australia supplies a comprehensive range of office needs to the business world. A move to a new 40,000m2 distribution centre in a warehouse in Western Sydney, called for a thoughtful and dramatic design solution.

Working alongside the client, Custance incorporated the look and feel of the warehouse to develop the key graphic elements.  All doors have full-sized numbers that reflect warehouse numbering, with all glass meeting rooms having a barcode design as a decal to reference the logistics function of the business. Corporate value statements are stenciled to painted walls to mimic signs often seen in old warehouses.

Each floor has a different colour as its identifying feature, while workstations and chairs throughout the building are constant in colour and finish allowing for easy configuration. Furniture and finishes are carefully selected for sustainability, reflecting Corporate Express’s environmental policies. All floors are linked with a graphic narrative reinforcing the story and cultural values of the company.

The ‘town centre’ for the office is the conference room with full-length operable walls linking to the cafeteria, creating extended space for big functions.

The effect is an inspiring, common corporate culture. A space and place to embrace the business and all it stands for.

Key Outtakes
the look and feel of a warehouse into key graphic elements, reinforcing the function and culture of the business
8,000 m2