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Deloitte Dunedin

Deloitte Dunedin

Spatial clarity

Deloitte Dunedin sought to consolidate from two floors to one, improve amenities and maintain same staff numbers. Their tight knit culture is reflected in the new layout, where office hierarchy is minimised with a central open plan work space and transparent office pods. A previously isolated reception is now at the heart of the space and panoramic views of the city are enjoyed throughout.

Upon entry, a green logo wall guides guests to a circular reception hub surrounded by boardrooms, meeting rooms and a cafe. Large sliding doors allow the whole space to be opened up for events or closed for desired functions. Skylights and light features highlight a simple and direct circulation, while clear site lines are carried throughout the office. A play of transparency  through vertical elements provide both openness and privacy. A modern approach to timeless detailing and materials of stone, wood and brass echo the classic architecture of Dunedin while green accents add a natural softness and vibrance.

Key Outtakes
Office & Client Facility
960m2, 85 staff
Full Interior Design Services, Project & Construction Management