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Ella Bache Health & Beauty

Ella Bache Health & Beauty

Skin to Skin

Custance took inspiration from the founder of Ella Bache, Australia to design a unique feature central to the college’s new fit out.

“No two skins are the same”, said founder Edith Hallas. Custance used this quote to develop the concept of the Pore Wall.  The Pore Wall is a unifying element linking the office, classroom and student breakout areas. Behind the wall are super sized graphics showing images created by the Woods Lamp, a unique product to Ella Bache. Striking and inspiring, the Pore Wall is one of a number of elements that acts as a visual stimulant for staff and students.

Like many venerable learning institutions, each room at the college is dedicated to a significant identity from the organisation’s past, allowing the history to be told in a contemporary, respectful and relevant way.

Practical and Theory Rooms have maximum flexibility and storage allowing a range of graduate and postgraduate courses to be taught. Easy interaction between staff and students is a key element of the college’s culture, so, Custance designed the office and student break out areas to be both welcoming and functional.

The Ella Bache Health & Beauty College is a celebration of all that it teaches.

Key Outtakes
The Pore Wall
a unique feature created especially for Ella Bache
staff and students
learning spaces