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Fisher & Paykel Product Design Centre

Fisher & Paykel Product Design Centre

Space for innovation

Designed to foster Fisher & Paykel’s R&D strategy, this extensive re-fit of an existing factory will cater to F&P’s growing product design and engineering team, accomodating 400+ employees.

At the heart is the ‘Social Kitchen’ with a timber louvre ceiling and natural light filtering from two large funnels in the ceiling. The kitchen provides a setting for F&P’s engineers and designers to engage with their products on a daily basis.

Custance developed a modular pod system with fully illuminated ceilings and writable/magnetic design walls. Additional lightwells bring a spread of natural light throughout the floor which also supports large trees and extensive planting. This realised F&P’s desire to extract the design process from individual workspaces and make the knowledge visible, encouraging a more collaborative design process.

Key Outtakes
Research & Development
5000 m2
400 staff