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Space to exchange knowledge

Custance worked with the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants to modify the raw shell of the top two floors into a sophisticated, modern workplace environment, while retaining the original character of the building.

The historic Tower Building has a prime spot overlooking Wellington’s waterfront. Visitors walk into a large, open reception area with expansive harbour views and access to an external deck. Reception also services a suite of conference rooms for member activities and external use.

Carefully designed open plan work areas are positioned around the perimeter of the building giving light and views to all staff. Workstations are ergonomically designed with sit to stand height adjustment and integrated storage modules for each person. Within the workspace are a number of breakout spaces, meeting and task rooms specifically designed for the needs of the business.

The materials and finishes are elegant and timeless, contributing to the feeling of professionalism and sophistication inherent in the services the NZICA provides.

Key Outtakes
150 staff
light and space for all